Fire Insurance

This policy can be taken by owners of shops, commercial buildings, manufacturing units, godowns, etc. Having value at risk more than INR 50 crore. No SFSP policy can be issued to Dwellings- individual and Dwellings- Society, including residential colonies/ home welfare Association /dwellings owned by corporates" irrespective of some insured. .The policy covers buildings as well as contents such as furniture/ fixtures /fittings, plant and machinery, electrical fitting and stock.
.Named perils policy covering 12 perils
Explosion/ implosion (excluding loss, destruction or damages to industrial boilers and caused by centrifugal forces).
.Aircraft damage- caused by aircraft, other aerial devices or articles dropped there from excluding those caused by pressure waves Riot, strike and malicious damage (RSM D)
.Storm, cyclone, typhoon Tempest, Hurricane, Hail storm, Tornado, flood and inundation.
.impact damage- by rail/ Road vehicles or animals not belonging to the insured Subsidence and landslide including rockslide.
.bursting and/ or over flowing of water tanks Apparatus and pipes.
.Missile Testing Operation.
.Bush Fire
• Earthquake
• Terrorism
• Impact damage due to Insured’s own Rail/Road vehicle.
• Architects, Surveyors and Consulting Engineers Fee(in excess of 3% claim amount)
• Forest Fire
• Loss of Rent
• Additional Expenses of Rent for An Alternative Accommodation.

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